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Default Re: Greetings Fellow Motorbicyclists

Thanks everybody, here's a few pics of some of my projects which will have their own seperate build threads soon enough. None are completed at the moment but then again, who's honestly ever finished modding their bike?

Here's my 52cc piston ported engine powered MTB in the earlier stages of devolopment. I've put many hours and miles on this bike with an engine I built with a few performance enhancing mods. Top speed according to the Schwinn bicycle speedometer was 41.7 mph and I was able to beat the crap out of it for over 500 miles until the smallest chainring/jackshaft sprocket started to wear and the chain tends to pop in first gear when pinned at full throttle, lol. Also take into consideration that this bike was put through many years of use and abuse before even installing the engine.

This is a 43cc piston ported engine powered BMX which still needs a lot of work done, I chopped the top tube and replaced it with a longer one which would leave room for the transmission/gearbox.

Here's my proudest accomplishment yet, the X-Games Motobike in which I completely redesigned the frame several times during R&D to get the rear derailleur shifting flawlessly and the suspension working as it should be. Believe it or not the current state of the Motobike is actually 5 bikes combined and welded together. I was referred to this forum by a member named 16v4nrbrgr who happened to be re-designing the same bike with relatively the same idea. More pics and projects to come. Cheers!

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