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Default Re: Small bubbles at spark plug thread

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
Ok so I milled the surface with a tap washer setter and it worked well there was a small area that was raised roughly 1/3rd of a mm, a few quick turns and she's as flat as a pancake and no leak any more except.........

I got a good plug and gapped it to .030 as recommended by a forum member here and the bike runs quite badly it has nothing at the higher end and misses somewhat , I replace the original kit plug into the motor and it runs beautifully ,go figure ???

Not sure why but until I get a better CDI unit ( lightening CDI ) from screaming roo here in au I'll stick with the stock plug for now

Regardless she is running well and has no leaks and I just fitted the front light ,not the best but will do the job until I get a good Cree light from eBay
Now it just waiting for the rear lamp to arrive and she is well and truly finished

I must say thanks for the enginuity Theon , I would have never envisioned using a tap washer setter , I had a small cap from one of my kids pop top drink bottles that fitted perfectly into the head to prevent any metal flake going into the motor and together they worked a treat so a big hoorah to you my friend

Regards Henshooter

My engine didn't like a wide gap like that.........I found that .024 to .025 worked best for me (original CDI).

Best of luck!
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