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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Its all the small things that made me want to sell it. The tire popping just made me angry as as ****. Yeah it sounds stupid but everytime i get it running great. Something else effs up. The engine lost almost 1/2 of its power. Which i.think is because of the base gasket being squished down to nothing. Even though i cleaned up the transfer ports. Does anyone know what detonation sounds like? Cause i think thats happening also under acceleration, it doesnt sound like 4 stroking. Its like a loud high pitched pop. Its just overwhelming. When i took it out to ride today the throttle handle where the cable attaches broke for some idiotic reason. No i didnt drop it. And the kill switch wire came off im just having some crappy luck. And being broke as a joke doesnt help any. Sigh.

If noone contacts me about by tomorrow at 8 ill just rip it apart and try to fix it with the crap i have laying around. Nunya. Id have liked to read that paragraph. Lol. ive calmed down now. Ive gotta work on my anger
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