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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by slayer60973 View Post
Tire popped 3 miles from home so im selling it. POS
Time for a new tire and tube...
  • look for a Kenda tire with the kevlar strip lining the tread.
  • Grab a thicker-walled tube (self sealing if you like 'em)
  • Take the old tube, slit it open all the way around, discard the valve stem (save the valve hardware from inside the stem if you can) and wipe it off (check for/remove sharp things too)
  • fold the old tube over itself and line the inside of the tire with the folded tube (Mine is folded to proved a triple layer of 'dead' tube)
  • Inspect spoke nipples, make sure no spokes are protruding past the inside of the rim. (True wheel if needed here, maybe add some tape to the inside of the rim if needed)
  • Mount lined tire over new tube and inflate
I drop my max pressure by about 5 psi on the lined tire.

I used to have the back wheel on my beast blow out on a regular (nearly weekly) cycle until I 'beefed up' the wheel as above. Most of my punctures were due to riding in a light industrial area (to and from work) with a lot of unknown crap on the road. I usually found little 'fibres' of a wire or whatever to be the culprit. Knock on wood, I haven't blown out that back one for over a year.

Oh yeah... and if the road ahead sparkles (broken glass), go around that patch.


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