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Default Re: What's been happening, an update

The bike shop guy had a wheel, today. I couldn't pick it up today, cause I was on my motorcycle. (and it broke down when I tried to go get my truck)
After I finally got home, it's too late to get it now. He's getting me a shipping box for it and I'll try to get it off tomorrow, usually a day off but, my boss called and wants me to work full time again as he laid off the other guy, as it's been slow and I've been only working 3 days a week. So hopefully if the shop don't close down I may get a little more income
You'll need a socket to get the gears off. I got an extra to send with it.
I'll try to get out tomorrow, so i'll need your addy.

Trust God, Clean house and help others and all will work out.

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