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Originally Posted by SoldierBoy View Post
i have constructions skills landscaping skills but i live in california not to be mean but you get my point a lot of workers getting paid 5$ an hour are doing landscaping and mowing lawns that i dont even have a lawn mower lol but i have good drive to find a job and hold it down not afraid to get my hands dirty if needed but finding one is a whole different story
We all understand where your coming from mate , it's part of the economy nowadays but when you look at it that way it gets you down, there are always jobs that are available ,yes you may only get paid a pittance but work hard and well and it will surprise you that with hard work comes reward.
Go out there put yourself in the middle and work work work , I understand you are finding it hard to get a job but here's and idea that worked for me ,try it and see how you go
At 19 I was made redundant when the carpentry business I worked for closed down , I went to a local supermarket and spoke to the manager , I said put me on for 2 weeks and at the end of it if you don't like it tell me to walk and don't pay me , I worked my butt off ,no matter what they wanted done ,I did it . After 2 weeks they payed me ,it wasn't much nut I appreciated it
After 3 months of cleaning they placed me on register ,after 3 months of this I was put on shelf stocking , and so on and so forth ,after 2 years of this I was made a manager of produce with a salary ,it took hard work and determination but I did it
That's what working is all about !!!
Light travels faster than sound ,ergo some may appear smart until you hear them speak
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