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I'm 40, finding a good job in the small town where I live isn't that easy either these days. And I certainly don't get payed what I'm worth. However I do love my job and the people I work with. And am appreciated for what I do.
A few years back (before I had a horse riding accident) I would earn a $1000 a week, these days I don't earn half that, but I can't/don't work as hard either.
I was fairly careful with my money and put as much as I could into my house and property, So these days I don't really need to work as hard as I use to, but I don't have money to blow on toys, all my bikes came from the local tip except one that I payed $100 for. All my motors are $150 Ebay motors except an old RSE that I got for a mowing job and rebuilt. I recently had to part with a lot of my toys when I moved to a smaller property without a proper shed to store it all and so these motors have been bought with money from selling previous toys.

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