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As a young kid I didn't have much ,there were 5 kids in my family so money was always tight , if you wanted something you had to work hard for it ,but god damn it's one **** of a rewarding feeling when you skrimp and save every last penny to save for something and finally get it , mate I spent countless hours scrubbing cars ,mowing lawns ,walking dogs ,weeding and the list goes on .
I'll be honest in saying that's the problem with kids nowadays ,everything is handed to them on a silver platter ,theirs no work for what you earn and earn for what you work
When you work for something and finally get it you appreciate it more as well , it's a hard life lesson that needs to be learned and all to often the kids of nowadays have no concept of it . My advice is to work for a motor and buy a good one ,don't go for cheap pirated motors as they cost more in maintenance and everyday care
Look at what I did as an example ,i went to an op shop ,purchased a cheap bike and I built a motorized bicycle build with money I had saved , looked after it and spent a lot of time and work maintaining it ( my dream was a cruizer) eventually I sold this bike , built another and sold that too ,after 3 builds I had enough to purchase a cruizer frame , I then worked for a month on weekends labouring ( whilst my mates went out and drunk and had fun) but as it would be bills and such the money was used for the house.
After 6 months of my cruizer frame sitting in its box I'd saved $10 here and $20 there to afford a good motor instead of buying lunches and drinks , put it together and I finally have what I wanted ,it took over 12 months to get it but the hard work and sacrifice I put in to get it makes me appreciate it a whole lot more ,something a lot of us older members will know, but sadly not so for the younger generation

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