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When I was your age I was offered five different apprenticeships,
I could have been an Auto electrician, Spray painter, lines man or house wiring sparky.
And that was just the what was offered to me before I chose to be an Eletrical Instrument Fitter.
However I had been working in my fathers Small town Mechanical shop since I was probably 12. I worked there just for parts for my car. The only money I received was for small tedious jobs that my father didn't want to know about, and I would charge people $5 for 1/2 an hour or more of messing around with some old piece of crap that they probably couldn't afford to pay properly for.
I was very lucky, a lot of my mates couldn't afford to live of the $130 a week that was a first year apprentice wage at the time and gave up there apprenticeships to work as a shop assistant getting payed twice what I was.
Things have changed a lot since then!
And the opportunity's that I had were rare then.
Since then I have only survived with out having to go away for work because I've been willing to do just about anything for what ever my friends can afford to pay.
A lot of my mates now have to work away just to keep there mortgage.
All I'm saying is don't be too fussy.
If you show a good attitude to work, people will offer you better jobs.
While I was Flipping burgers recovering from a broken Femur, I was offered a job as a tour Guide, walking rough terrain. It hurt, but it was better than flipping burgers.
Mate if you got no skills to get your self the job you want, volunteer.
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