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Default Re: Regular v premium

Avtur or Jet A1 is the diesel 'type fuel' used in turbine engines.

Avgas over here or '100-130' (color green) is the stuff Theon is taking about. The lead in the fuel does four things - inhibit knock, give you a bigger bang, lube up the upper cylinder and gum it up (eventually).

Engines should be able to run, higher compression and more advanced timing.

Avgas sold in the US - is called 100LL or Low lead (color light blue) has less lead per gallon.

The purple Avgas 130 -145 (color purple) is the best stuff still made. If your able to get a hold of it, let me know. They only really make it for the reno air races now.

engines not tuned for Avgas will usually cause some damage - whether its burnt out exhaust valves etc.

RC engine run on a nitro mix, a methanol-based fuel with nitromethane and oil added
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