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Default Re: Attaching a gas line/tank

Originally Posted by irishpowerjunkie View Post
hey rat fink you could go to youir local auto parts superstore and buy a special t piece fitting similar to what I have linked in for window washer pipes in your current fuel line. I would just pop off fuel line from carb and connect to 1 arm and using a pipe to fit carb connect to a second arm and using some extra fuel line run a pipe from tank to third connection and there you go, just remember to switch on upper tank before you run out, may not fill chainsaw tank but will allow to have dual fuel tanks.

here is link to part I mentioned would be in or around where wiperblades and similar parts are in any car shop:

I looked at the link but did not find specs on what kind of material that is made of. If metal may be OK for gas, but some plastics will melt or soften.

On an associated, but separate issue I even had some clear fuel tubing from an auto parts store soften and the clamp loosen and leak. I rather the neoprene rubber hose that is marine fuel line and seals with those cable clamps real good.

On a search I found this from an auto parts place so maybe in your town can get local also.
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