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Default Re: Regular v premium

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
It used to be, now not so much.

I remember when there was a significant spread, a big percentage.

Now it's like a dime. Reg $3.79, Mid 3.89, Pre 3.99.

Can't even buy a cup of coffee with the savings.
Agreed the only saving I gain is 8c per litre ,full tank that's only 16c a tank ,certainly not going to send me broke

I prefer the premium more because the standard of filtering , storing and regulation is a lot higher and better ,over here in Au the regular mix is notorious for being of much lower quality dirtier fuel ,at one point a mates car was rendered useless for a few months due to water in the tank/fuel because of contamination in the regular fuel from a discount fuel provider , it killed the motor and no compensation was offered as the fuel is at Byers risk ( which is a load if you ask me )

Regards Hen
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