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Default Re: What are the best 66cc 2-stroke motor kits?

The best HT "stock"engines currently available come from MotorBicycleRacing (GenV)and That's Dax.
The GenV from MotorBicycleRacing comes with the better 40mm stroke balanced crank and is slightly cheaper than the Dax. Mine is clearly better quality than the average ebay kit engine.
Not sure about the Dax, but I hear good reviews on it as well.

Both are engines only, no kit parts included although I hear MotorBicycleRacing is now selling full kits with this engine. PM him for details.
On the higher end, Arrow makes several "race" ht packages but they are NOT cheap.

Simple fact. No ebay vendor I know of will warranty an engine YOU take apart. No vendor can reasonably warranty engines messed with by some unknown mechanic with unknown skills.
Buying one of the engines from Neil or Dax gets you a product actually inspected by someone besides the chinese factory worker who assembled it originally, and they may be more lenient on warranty. ASK BEFORE ORDERING!
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