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Default Regular v premium

Hey all , this has probably been posted before so please excuse and delete if so mods

Just wondering what type of fuel you guys run , and the appropriate mix ratio for the type
Me ,I usually run regular with a 16/1 for breakin and 25/1 mix for general running and although it does ok I thought for my second breakin tank I would go for some premium , hopefully I get a better burn out of it being it's a slightly higher octaine than just plain old regular ,over here in AU our regular is usually called 91 where the premium is called 95 ,so no big difference except the fuel is cleaner and higher octaine as mentioned .

I've heard a lot of motorized bicycle riders go less than the recommended mix ratio something like 35/1 but this worries me a tad so I keep to the recommendations .

Now is there any performance differences from the 25 mix to the 35 mix and will it really have a detrimental effect on my china girl motor , I understand it will reduce oil buildup in the exhaust and such but , some have said strictly don't do it ,don't go 35/1 it's very bad for the motor ,where others have said it makes no great difference except for less exhaust buildup .

And for that matter does using premium versus regular really make a difference
I'm going premium as it is more highly filtered and the quality is regulated much better than the stock standard %#*€ so feel it will improve the lifespan of my motor

OPINIONS ........ GO

Kindest regards
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