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Default Re: 36 tooth sprocket on a chinagirl ????

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
I've had a 36T running on my beast since day one, and it loves it. I do need to pedal up to about 10kph before dropping the clutch, but that only takes 8-10 feet to do it.

It needs a bit of help up some longer hills, but otherwise no worries.

(66cc CG, 'Speed' carb, no major porting or internal mods, cruises at 55 kph, and the beast tips the scales at 85 lbs on its own)
No real hills to speak of here , so it's perfect ,the wife won't ride them guys she's 4 months pregnant so won't touch the bike can't wait for the new one to arrive , got two boys now , hoping for a girl this time

Regards Hen
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