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Default 36 tooth sprocket on a chinagirl ????

So my sprocket arrived today it's a 36 toother ,now will it. Be ok on a chinagirl, I was wanting a 39t but my wife ,bless her heart ordered the 36t by mistake
I've been told by one member it may be a tad light for the kit so this has made me a tad weary of fitting it
I don't do any hill climbing bigger than 10% so there's no great issue there I'm more worried about damaging the engine due to over reving or similar keeping in mind the motor is still on breakin time

As well ,this will sound a tad stupid but should I shorten the chain to compensate for the smaller sprocket

Sorry to ask such stupid questions guys but I've only ever played with the standard kit and have never fooled with upgrades or enhancements

Kindest regards Henshooter
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