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Originally Posted by TyDow View Post
I'm just wondering, how long did your first build REALLY take? I know most of the instructions say 2-3 hours, but it seems like it takes way more time than that. I'd love to hear from folks with little or no mechanical experience.

Thanks in advance!

I know you asked for comments from those with little or no mechanical experience..."that's not me",
but I will say that there is not a chance that these can be assembled in 2-3 hours...


1) you were always using the same bike as a base. After several builds you could develope a rythm.

2) You had an aftermarket kit specific to that bike, so that nothing would have to be fiddled with, It's the adjusting that is so time consuming.

3) You have a large work bench, and air tools.

4) nothing goes wrong!

Given the above you could assemble a bike in a leisurely 2-3 hours. As far as the factory claim goes, it's just advertising. It's not a total lie, because it could be's just a lie for 99.9% of the sales.

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