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Default Re: Sidecart for a motorised bmx

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
It does kind of sound a little dangerous.
I'd be wanting to get my CoG as low as possible.
I've never ridden a bike with side car, but they usually have a different front end, and I believe can be a bit of a handful especially without weight in the side car,
You don't see to many side cars on the road these days.
I'd keep it slow.
Great minds think alike ,these are the exact thoughts I had ,see it's a bit of a moral delemma for me ,on one hand I'm happy to build it for him but on the other hand I'm not going to build a kit to see him hurt or kill himself on .
He is a younger bloke too so IMHO pushes things a bit hard at times

Says he will use it for transporting stuff and no passengers but can I really trust that he won't

Hmm think I'll have to mull this one over a bit

If any members have riden a motorised Sidecart let me know how stable they really are

Oh and cheers for your imput Theon

Regards Hen
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