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Default Re: 2stroke super charger, what?

I'd think that first off you'd need to lay hands on an air flow meter (like they use to check HVAC systems in homes) or rig something up, and determine how much air the motor pulls in over a measured period of time at idle, through to WOT. Once you know how many cubic feet/minute it's drawing, then you can look at a way to try an drive more air into the intake.

If you found an impeller fan or something you could pump the air in with, you might be able to power by modifying a jack shaft kit to pick up the engine's power and run the impeller/blower. (Rather than the engine chain simply turning the sprocket for the shaft kit, I see it doing the full loop to rear sprocket but passing over the sprocket for the shaft kit and then back into the engine, if you can see what I am trying to describe).

I have no idea if it would work, and it would almost definately require a reed block to get the best result otherwise you'd just blow the excess air back out on the upstrokes.


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