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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Originally Posted by Hill of Beans View Post
Headed off to the machine shops to find a craftsman to build billet mounts for my Kulana, and Schwinn alum/comp mountain bike. Will not drill into any frame. Can't wait for the interest to accumulate by the end of January. Sure hope you put a kit together for the Jaguar or similar cruiser. You will have my business as soon as kits are ready.
Also hope you will experiment with rubber mounts, possibly combined with the snug billet style.
Hill of beans,

Good morning.

Have a look at this thread It did this bike just before Christmas for a customer. It worked out so well that I figured I would make a kit for a specific bike. If you are going to go to a machine shop, I would print out the photos of the rubber isolated engine mounts that I designed. It will give them a head start for thier own design. I posted photos of this build as I was doing it, so you'll have to look through the pages to see everything.

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