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Default Sidecart for a motorised bmx

Hey again all , went around a mates for a few brews this evening and we got onto the convo about motorising his motorized bicycle , he's somewhat of a err bmx bandit though and was asking about fitting a motor to an old Haro mx he has ,took me around the side of the workshop to show me the frame and low and behold there is a gem to be seen ,it's a sweet looking side hack/cart on an older style mx ,large inner diameter on the frame and I believe would fit a china girl ,she would be tight but it's manageable , safety wise I'm not to sure though , would it be safe to do so , it's well made and looks to be tig welded so no melt through on the frame and very clean and tidy ,almost looks like a production line hack

No pics unfortunately ,tried to take them but no light with an ipad = worse pics than Miley's twerking
Hopefully I'll get around on the weekend and have some ready to upload

Anyway ......
Safety ,have any of you guys seen or heard of a motorised side cart / hack mx and if so what are your opinions
Would love to do the build but ain't no way I'm doing it if he will injure or kill himself due to instability issues
Looking on the net it's very similar to this one except more caged in

Opinions ????

Regards Henshooter
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