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Cool Re: need some help on choosing a kit!

Only cuz I'm partial to 4-strokes these days, I will suggest getting a 4-stroke kit. And the fact that everyone so far is promoting the 2-stroke so far. (except for "the chief")

So, as much as I love 2-strokes....always have and always will....the 4-stroke is a good alternative for just the reasons you specified in you first post in this thread. With the four stroke if maintained properly like any internal combustion engine, you will probably get more longevity from the engine than the average kit two stroke. Then the is the ease of pulling up to gas pumps and just being able to fill up without the slight inconvenience of premixing the gas and oil, or even thinking about it. is what it is.

I don't care what anyone says to this but the 4 can be made considerably quieter, especially if we're talking stock that the china 2-stroke. I'm talking about a stock Honda or Huasheng exhaust can compared to any kind of muffler on the 2-stroke.

Now for performance, a 2-stroke china kit engine (66cc) should be a bit faster than a stock Honda or HS 49cc with similar gearing and the 2-stroke should out climb the little 4-stroke as well. But if you make a few modifications the the 49cc 4-stroke, they are really close in all aspects.

Some differences between the two would normally be pull starting the 4-stroke and bump starting the 2-stroke. The 4-stroke being a centrifugal clutch and the 2-stroke a manually engaged clutch. Either way is no big deal for the most part, ya gotta start the engine somehow.

Either way you go is a great way to start riding a bicycle that is much more fun than you realize until you do! As much as I've always loved racing and riding motorcycles, I have more fun some how on the contraptions I have built myself......I'm not joking!

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