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Default Re: potential alternative power?

Originally Posted by Cody View Post
im meaning use a 4stroke as a compressor, it receives no fuel, so no burn and no heat, and the motor is constantly turning with the tire and constantly supplying pressure while moving, but none while at stop, pneumatic drive is rigged to stay on and aid in acceleration, my biggest worry is braking
_NOW_ I get what you're trying to describe! I must say, the Telephone Game this thread has produced is amusing. Oddly enough, I was thinking of something similar recently: use a small wheel-driven piston to compress air on demand into a small container for use on a pneumatic-horn. In fact, I imagined that the "on-demand" could be simply using the brakes: engage the pump only when braking thus assisting braking. In any case, I'm afraid what you're proposing is extremely inefficient. I suspect there are available solutions to a simpler wheel-driven compressor-pump, and I'm interested to know what these solutions are.
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