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Default Re: potential alternative power?

Originally Posted by Cody View Post
what if there was no tank in the picture, if you were to take a small 4 stroke and directly attach the pneumatic drive to the exhaust port of a motor that wasn't burning anything and link the motor to the tire or chain and the pneumatic to the wheel or chain do you think that would work? im using a 2stroke motor and im looking for more low-end without technically adding to my current cc (48) as I don't have a class m license
Assuming I'm understanding you properly, you want to have a second engine that acts as an on-demand air compressor? If so, you're in for more trouble than you might think. It can be done, but it would require modification to the camshaft. What I've seen done is have both intake and exhaust open and close at the same time and then have the air blown out through a check valve in the spark plug hole. If you're looking at using straight exhaust gasses, you'll end up stalling or destroying the engine before it builds up any kind of pressure because it's not intended to run anything off the exhaust gasses. Also, an impact wrench would probably not be the best idea either because they actually kick in both directions and it is not a steady, smooth motion like what you want to propel a bike. Something more like the air motor in a die grinder would be better. Sorry to sound like I'm knocking the idea down, I've seen air powered vehicles before, but for a bike, I don't see it working to well. If you still want to try, have at it and prove me wrong, it'd be nice to see something like that actually work.
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