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Default aloha a newbie or as the would say a haole

Hows it,
New to the site and new to the motorized bicycle world. I live on a speck in the middle of the pacific. Maui has been home for 19years. Moved to Oahu at 21with $200 stayed there for 5 years then moved here to Maui, 23 years in Hawaaii and I have $75 left.
Done construction most of my life and wrenched on many cars and some heavy equipment. Ive own many Volkswagens so I know about working on your vehicle alot. Pulled, torn down, overhauled, and reinstalled my 79 van motor 3 times and my 69 square back about 4 times. Bikes are a new to me but find it fun and as with Volkswagens, frustrating all rolled together.
Just finished putting a 49cc china girl type 2 stroke from Power Kings onto a Huffy Nel Lusso. Its running great but course there are a few wrinkles to iron out. Chain rubbing the tire is my biggest problem. Learn how to make a cool cross hatch pattern in a tire though. And the kill switch not working. Ive tested the switch with my meter and its fine.
There are othet question running through my head also but im still loving it and want to start another bike I. The not to distant future. More coustom and beefier than the huffy. Im going to try and find answers on threads and post from the newbies before, but as Paul knows ive had some issues navigating the site. If you see and old hashed out question feel free to poi t and laugh. I. Sure years and more builds from now ill be doing the same. Thank you
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