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Default Re: Attention new members!

Got pictures?
It is very common for the stock exhaust to hit the pedals. The most common fix is to file the bolt holes in the header flange (where it bolts up to the cylinder) to elongate them a little. Only file the side of the holes that will allow you to move the exhaust in the direction you want it to move to. Do not just randomly file the holes bigger. This will allow you to "twist" or rotate it it a little before tightening the exhaust nuts and hopefully let the exhaust fit better. You can also slightly bend the header pipe if the the bolt hole trick does not move the exhaust over enough.
Don't forget to support the muffler with a strap to the bicycle frame. The mounting studs were not designed to hold the whole weight of the exhaust all by themselves.

Now for the expansion chamber style of exhaust; with the exception of the SBP exhaust, which comes with various pieces of pipe and rubber couplers to custom fit the header pipe to your bike, there are no "kits" to custom make a pipe.You could try to make your own system like the SBP one with copper plumbing parts, high temperature silicone tubing and hose clamps.
You could also make the parts you need out of steel tubing and have a muffler shop weld it together for you. Paint it with BBQ paint when it is done to protect it from rust.
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