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Default Re: Mccholluch bhe900 - anyone familiar

I don't know what kind of information you are looking for, but here are 2 manuals that I've used in the past:

A lot of times the mufflers are plugged and the ignition spark isn't very strong. I bought a new carburetor and an ignition module off Ebay. I sold it on Ebay to someone looking to get his AMF Roadmaster running. I paid $35 for the engine, so I pretty much came out even on the sales.

I've used that engine for a friction drive and have sold it. Just couldn't get it mounted right. Speed was another issue - wasn't very fast. Forum member ire mark sent me a PM picture of his build and he used the original engine mounts to attach to his bike. I don't have a copy of the picture he PM'd me and the link is no longer good.

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