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Default Re: The Pocket Bike Engine and Your Opinion...

well i just had to join so i could reply

i probly cant post pic til i post enuff times but i have a schwinn spoiler with a pocket bike motor on it... i made the 'kit' myself from stuff from ebay

its been a few yrs since i built it and i dont really ride it because i got rid of the pedal drive so i could keep the rear disc brakes and now it just has foot pegs

first off the build went great and all the parts worked perfect and it goes atleast 40mph....havent maxed it out so im not sure....i got to 36mph and it was fast enuff for my first run and it had more to give......rode home doin 35 no problem

but there are some the no low end at all....i have to basically push off to get goin but its not too bad......good for long rides but terrible for in town

i used the stock 7 tooth drive sprocket and went with an electric bicycle 90 tooth rear sprocket (pocket bikes have smaller links...about 44 tooth bicycle sprocket size approx)....i flipped the rim and screwed the sprocket right onto the rim then bolted it thru the hub flange.....worked beautifully

i bought an alloy dirtbike throttle and a throttle cable for a mini chopper and a tank from a bike kit dealer and 5 foot of chain

it worked really well because the rear tire of the pocket bike is 4" and the rear tire of the chopper is 4" so the motor is pretty centered on the frame

made the mount out of scrap bike frames and parts from a tv satallite dish mount

this motor mounts on the bottom with 4 bolts and has 2 bolts on the top that has another bracket above the engine......i just did the same thing with my mount

hopefully i can post pics soon
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