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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post

Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum!! I personally have found a plethora of intelligent, respectable , ladies and gents here @ the M.B.F.& it looks like we just picked up one more!!

Thank god we didn't have "Hooning laws" here in the U.S.A. when I was a teenager. We seem to share more than one hobby Henshooter as I also metal detect. Years ago or in 2007 I started out with a Whites Prizm 3 for around $400 bucks but that was just an entry level rig to get me into the sport

We do a lot of underwater detecting / diving here on Cape Cod it is amazing what one can find out there in the vast ocean ..Also Cape cod is and always was a Mariners nightmare for navigating around That hook AKA the tip of Cape Cod it is one of the largest 18th Century sail boat grave yards on the East Coast a;lso if you look on Google earth to try and see the ship wrecks they are blackened out all the wrecks which I think is a great idea it's a graveyard after all Also the sea will wash away any treasures she wishes to give up to us No need "ONLY GREED" to go digging in these mens grave I commend Google for this action

Whats been your best find so far. I found lots of silver and a bit of gold however my best find was a Bronze Metal made for a soldier of the Grande Army of the Republic. of all places in my brothers front yard next to a mighty Oak tree whilst just goofing around with my niece and nephew with the metal detector It was later found out "After the metal was returned to the soldiers grea great great grandson" this particular soldier must have came to rest against this tree during their WALK from the sate of Maine to where they would eventually meet up with the Massachusetts 13th infantry Then they all WALKED to Gettysburg to help fight in the Civil War
Hmm my best find would have to be between two coins one an 1914 American dime which is an incredible find in Aust and a 1916 Au florin made of silver , the unfortunate thing for us Aussies is the history of our settlement is not as great as the US ,most valuable has to be a 24 k ring with a 4 k diamond ,returned to the owner though so made me very happy to do so
Regards Henshooter
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