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Default Re: Boygofast Velo solex clone engine

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Nothin' but the truth there. No added malice.

I loved mine too, when it ran. It started so easy, just let it roll down the driveway and release the compression release and it would putt off happily. Would run smooth at walk speed. Was the quietest of all my gas bikes.

I loved it when it ran. Love can turn to hate fast when it don't run. Especially when money is involved. 2 gas tanks, and a fuel pump was another hundred bucks. Down the drain too as it didn't run when I tossed it.

I'm glad I got it, it's a nostalgic romantic piece from an era gone by. Cast iron cylinder, long stroke, high torque, low speed marvel. I'm also glad it's in the trash can, can't hurt me anymore.
Yours was made on Monday morning

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