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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Originally Posted by JoeJ View Post
Jim, not to jump the gun,so to speak. What size sprockets are you thinking of offering?
Actually I'm going to do a new style jackshaft the gearing will be what-ever you have available on the pedal side.

The clam shell sprocket adapter and sprocket worked well on the last build, but why bother when everything is already incorporated into the pedal side. The separate chain, sprocket, and tensioner are just more to have to fiddle with as far as maintenance. It will be cheaper to make a jackshaft into the rear motor mounts as opposed to making a clam shell, sprocket, and tensioner.

I didn't want to put this out there initially because I want an honest opinion on the bikes. The jackshaft I have designed will work fine with the Cranbrook...I'm doing it this way as a matter of practicality not just for the ability to be able to shift the deraileur.

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