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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Over here in the great land of OZ we have a hooning law , if a person is caught hooning their car is impounded for 3 months , this is where a handy little action cam comes into play , if you show the police footage of an incident the instigator gets either a fine or 3 month impounding ,keeping in mind the fees to get their car out of an impound lot cost an arm, leg and left errr
if they get caught a second time they lose their licence for 3 months and their car is impounded ,
and if they are caught a 3rd time their car is taken and crushed ,yep they have to watch as their car is turned into a 2x2x2 cube , funnily enough no ones car has Been crushed to date because they realise the implications and aren't willing to cross the line
Now I'm in no way racist but here in Melbourne Australia there are a certain minority that quite frankly shouldn't be licensed for the road, I've Ben cut off, almost done the summersault of death on numerous occasions and when I stop to "have words" they can't speak a word of English so any words spoken fall on deaf ears .
This is where a mutual understanding of my cam comes into play ,I simply point it out and in a mysterious turn they know exactly what is happening and either appologise via hand gestures or stop and try to explain their actions
In my opinion an action cam is a very handy and underrated safety device for us motorised bike riders and has the ability to calm the most angry of drivers

In my state we are lucky to have most thoroughfares equipped with 1.5 m bicycle lanes so safety on the road is somewhat good and you only get the occasional rev head or idiot ,for me it is curiosity that causes problems as their are not many moto bike owners on the roads here so every man and his dog is curious as to what this fast thing could be
This is where I have a proposition for this sight...... I'll explain

I am an avid metal detector and as such spend a lot of time in public access parks and areas ,in the hobby we have what we call muggles ( those who think what we are doing is either suspect or criminal ) I combat this by giving them a card with an web address for a MD forum and tell them to check it out, and they often respond with a curtly appoligy and state they are interested in the hobby .
This may be a great way to promote the site as well as make people aware of the fun and economics of running a motorised bike compared to a car

I have as said had many incidents since getting into this wonderful hobby and will honestly admit knowledge is a powerful tool to turn idiots on the road into respectors of motorised bicycle users

Happy riding all
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