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Default Re: Build it, Break it, Repair it, Restart...

Hi DasGood.

As you now know motorized bicycles do draw attention, even more in your part of world I would suspect.

Originally Posted by Dasgood View Post
... I was going downhill clocking about 50km/h and there was these yellow stripes on the road... not knowing they were small (about 30mm high) speedbumps... and there was a good 60 of them... shaking my but off, standing, ensuring control on the cycle, teeth grinding and done... got to the other side... all power on the motor gone..
That looks to be the 2013 'parts in a box' 66cc skyhawk engine you have, is that correct? You installed the piston, cylinder, and head?

That is a darn fit kit from the Yang Dung engine factory you can see when you put the top end on.

So I pulled the motor apart, saw the barrel scratched, piston not looking to good, and decided i'll upgrade... hehe.
Did you check for spark on the plug before you pulled your engine apart?

I ask because the first thing that comes to mind to me after a series of bumps with an otherwise running engine is the crap CDI connection wires, the plug cap, or the carb float.

In short I just can't see hitting some bumps screwing with your internal engine parts if it was put together right to begin with is all.
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