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Originally Posted by KDC1956 View Post
As some of you know I am building a trike/bike all chrome.I am also looking for a job but that may have to wait
too I have to go back in the hospt.again.My health has went a little down on me thats life for me.Now to my ?
If I was to put a bicycle generator light generator and ran it to a small motorcycle battery would that not keep
it charge or would it not work at all.I am trying to be cheap here lol.Any input on this is welcome.
As with all electrical/electronic items they are usually application specific.

The lamp that the generator was intended to power has a maximum current draw that is well below what the generator can addition the generator is intended to spin, (and make power), within the range of 5-15 MPH . A battery will draw full potential from an unregulated generator. If the generator is not capable of producing what the battery wants...the smoke will escape from the generator.

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