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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by Skarrd View Post
took it on it's first trip to work and back, co-workers were asking me where i got it and how much...

Still a bit tricky getting the darn thing to idle while it's cold and choke ON, but eh, it doesn't take long before the choke needs to be turned off.
My choke is never on for more than 30 seconds & that's only the first start of the morning you cant really idle with a choke because your basically letting no air in at all I only use my choke in the extreme winter cold weather & it's been that way with several different motors & carbs or "kits" if you will.

Not to mention it wont run past 30 seconds with the choke on. Also any adjustments made to a carb while the choke is on will have negative affects when the choke is off ,, in other words never adjust a choked carb it like putting a band aid on a chainsaw wound. It will do you no good
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