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Default Re: Long-term plans for long-distance rides

I sent a message to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, asking for details on the relevant regulations, and just got a reply which included this paragraph:

A bicycle on which a gasoline engine has been installed is a motor vehicle, but because it is not a motor vehicle which has been certified to federal standards by a vehicle manufacturer it cannot be registered for on-road use. The vehicle may be used on private property, with the property-owner’s permission; however, it may not be operated on a public road. Since the vehicle type in question is a modified bicycle, it is not a motorcycle or moped. Therefore the vehicle is most accurately described as a “non-compliant motor vehicle.”

It appears that the MTO's position is that motorized bicycles (including the "motor-assisted bicycles" defined in the Highway Traffic Act) are verboten. It's a shame - I was starting to look forward to using one to improve my bicycle-camping experience.
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