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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

So on my way to work todasy in 4 weather before wind chill i notice a serious vibration coming from the motor considering i just put a shot of gasin to make it home with no oil just what was left in the tank from a 32-1 ratio i figured id be fine so i feel the vibration and figure f it if it pops i just buy a new one and goose it to get home i get home stop the bike she idles like a dream vibration seems to stop when i pull in the clutch so i figure ill better try to tighten up my motor mounts that's when i noticed motor mounts GONE!!!! LOL

At first I laughed because I was doing about 30 mph without my motor even being bolted on to the bike. All that was holding it on was gravity, luck ,and one half a u bolt up front with only one nut left on it now they either vibrated off .
Or some one at work loosened them up "my my motor mount bolts" in which case they will have a 6'5" 280 lb very angry beast of a man chasing them down . If someone did do me dirty like that of the other numb skulls just wont be able to not talk about it and I will find out !! I really hope they loosened up on they're own I really dislike hurting stupid people .
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