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Default Re: On my second build and loving it

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
Welcome Sean,
Good to see other Aussies here.
It's a much more interesting/less bias forum than anything available in OZ.
How's the local Law in regard to your bike?
I have young kids also, so don't get much riding in, but the bikes help keep me busy while I'm 'watching' the kids.
Thanks Theon , the laws over here are fairly mild as long as you are responsible your usually ignored by the law anyhow
They recently increased the output to 250watts but that is set as a constant and we all know maintaining that power on a constant is near impossible
For me I've personally had a run in with the law but believe it or not for a good reason
They pulled me up ,inspected the bike and actually gave me a compliment on how I had the safety features of the bike set up such as the headlight (5000 odd lumens ) brake and tail lights and indicators , they asked me how fast I go and I showed the speedo average speed(46kph at the time) they did warn me however there was a set speed limit on multi use pathways of 20 kph and anything above this was breaking the law , as 90% of Victorian main thoroughfares have separate bicycle lanes with a set speed of 50 kph I was ok as long as I didn't use the pathways , one of them asked where I got the motor to which I replied " out of the classifieds " and that was it , a curious take care and off they went , I sometimes see them and get a friendly hello but that's it ,whereas a few neighborhoods over ( another precinct basically ) they apparently pick on moto bikers with heavy prejudice , not encountered in my neck of the woods and hope it stays that way

Out of curiosity what state do you live in

Regards Hens
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