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Default Towing with a motorised bike

Hey all , out of curiosity does anyone tow a kiddi carrier or trailer on their bikes
,I have and found with 20 odd kg of weight it handled like a gem
Here lies the question , what would the legality of doing this be ,I ask because I have a 6 yr old that would love to have a go at it but is to young to ride a powered bike himself .
I have checked with my mates handy dandy co2 meter and there is no issue with exhaust blowback into the trailer, it has full and solid roll bars and to be honest you would have to be doing some form of evil kanevil stunt work to flip or turn it on its side and. It is also fitted with a 5 point safety harness.
Now I haven't yet taken him for a ride so no criticism about putting my boys life in danger but am after honest opinions. On the legality and opinions as if you would consider doing this .
I'm in two minds personally on one hand I think all safety precautions are up to and above standard but on the other hand the legality of towing with a powered bike and safety of my boy is paramount

Opinions ???

Regards Henshooter
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