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Default Re: copper gasket ..Calling all pro's

Copper is nice ... I run a soft aluminum gasket though as I think it compresses a little better and is a bit softer . When I make my own gaskets for these motors I make the gaskets to s As in exactly the size I need

I would run a 1.6 mm base gasket and a .4mm head gasket . I use a thicker base to raise the jug up a lottle then I deck it back down to where it waz. This raises the ports and gives a performace boost, then I go from stock 1mm to a thin .4mm head gasket this alows the chamber squish to be closer to the pison making it more effective and also boost compression a little.

The gasket you made looks a little thick ...with a gasket that thick you may render any squish band you have ineffective as it will be up and away from the piston at TDC. Remember the closer the piston crown to the squish bamd the more effective it will be, do what you need to to get the comp and squish hight right.. Deck the jug on sand paper and glass to bring the piston closer to
the deck, also use a gasket thin enough to keep the piston dome close enough to the heads squish band, lastly deck the head for the desired comp ratio.

Copper gaskets are the bezt and usually last the life of the motor unless they get bent

You can deck your jug to makeup for the thickness of your head gasket if you want to keep using it just deck it down untill the piston comes to the proper deck hight with the gasket on the jug.
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