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Default Re: Introducing my new build

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
Dr i love the the knobbys on a cruiser too...
My concern is the exhaust flange being right in the line of fire and impeding your air cooling

Im diggin that tool kit...try cabinet liner...the rubbery youll enjoy the minimalization of tool vibe noise...

I might be able to get my hands on a cateye turn signal set from a puch moped...runs on a 6 v battery pack and only requires a trickle charge to maintain battery life.

Think it would be darn neat on a build...

Pm me if the cateyes would strike ya...

Nice build

Thanks for the offer, I'm looking at these right now

will keep it flush mounted
as far as the exhaust this pipe is only for break in then
I'll go to 3/4 emt and do a nicer job on flange I'm not completely
happy with the welds but I hear what you are saying
thanks for input
Oh and toolbox is mostly for lights and battery if I'm lucky I'll have just enough room
for my tool pouch.
Save time
see it my way!

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