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Default Re: Introducing my new build

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
It didnt go unnoticed, I just figured if you wanted it mentioned you'd do the mentioning, sure be glad when the weather gets better around these parts and I get some loose ends tied up so I can do a bit of bike riding on all of my two wheelers from the Huffy all the way up to the Harley.....
Just been working and doing a bit of plinking with my air rifles here lately when the weather has been bad and then on the good days I been working on my workshop, it is really coming along and Im getting real happy about that, Ill hwve a nice place to work on my bikes and other hobbies when I get it done finally.

Peace, map
hope the shop is completed swiftly
myself I'm still working in the house
had my first problem today the petcock threads weren't great
and the teflon tape melted leaving gas all over the floor
what a stinky mess LOL
just bought what I wanted anyway, the old style with a sediment bowl
nice retro look
Save time
see it my way!

The greatest gift god gave man, is his ability to laugh at himself
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