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California isn't as fascist as everyone thinks when it comes to our bikes.

Sure, there's a ton of laws, but most cities don't know or care enough to enforce them to the letter. the plate and a dot helmet will keep you out of trouble most of the time. getting your m1 or 2 will keep almost all the cops off your back. at least, any equipment ticket afyer that is just a fix it ticket and won't get your bike impounded (newport beach has taken a few bikes from people for not having the main 3.)

Here we have a 30mph limit. i've passed cops doing 50 without any problems. in arizona, you go 21 mph and you're walking home.

Other states won't allow anything 50cc's or over. we can have 149 before it's considered a motorcycle. and no cop can figure out the hp on your china doll if you take the tag off the engine.

heck, there's states and countries where they're banned outright.

it's easy enough to take 15 minutes on the dmv website and learn the laws, print out a firm and mail it in with your lunch money. there's 10 threads on this forum that will walk you thru it.

Instead of hating on the state and the cops, take a look at yourself i. that left rear view mirror you'te required to have. do you have a dot helmet on? License plate and at least an mc permit? If you do, go riding on this sunny warm february day while half the country can't even get out of the driveway cause thete's ten feet of snow...

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