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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Maybe something like a dart mini-gun? 6000 darts a minute. That might suffice.
LOL, and every sixth dart would have a flag that said, "Idiot" on it. Sort of like tracer rounds.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
What if we all had guns that shot suction cup darts? Whenever we encounter an idiot we would shoot the dart at his/her car. When a cop saw a car covered with darts he would pull it over and give the driver a ticket for being "an idiot'.
Sort of like the 'Scarlet Letter' of driving, huh?

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
What about a low-power paintball gun? You could use balls with glow-in-the-dark paint for nighttime idiots, and fluorescent orange paint for daytime. You'd want to use water-soluble paint, or course. No sense in getting yourself in trouble also. And one would want to get the word out about what "marked cars" meant when they had spots on them. And cops would know who to watch more closely. If the reckless drivers will behave for no other reason, then perhaps shaming them is the way to go.
Originally Posted by fasteddy View Post
Tom, that's a brilliant idea but as CTripps would tell you I'm sure, we need a rapid fire dart machine gun to have any chance of keeping up where we live.

Originally Posted by Moto pope View Post
Tom-2door's mini gun (for those of us who are Vietnam nam era) could be called "Puff the magic sucker." Seriously though, there is to much aggression in the USA. Sadly, most of it is from a certain age group of males of high testosterone levels. Watching movies and playing video games that glorify aggressive behavior behind the wheel/handlebars promotes this behavior. Sorry, I'm sermonizing!!!???

I think we're on to something. The dart mini-gun should be named "Puff, the magic Flag-'Em". As for the paintball gun, I'd go with a clear gel rather than paint, but something that is highly reflective and shines differently (different colour) under UV light.. the splotches would be harder to wipe off if they're less obvious, but would reflect when light hits or show up under a black light. (ooh, we can put a black light in the cop's rotating light package, some Hendrix on the loudspeaker.. Getting busted would could get kind of trippy...)


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