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Default Tool Labeling and Segregating

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
I'm lucky to live in a low crime area, and my 'shop' is currently my open carport.
I also have a 40ft shipping container to 'hide' stuff in, but there's not much room for customers projects at the moment.

Between all the new tools I had, all my recently departed pops tools, and my best friend/shop helpers tools, I suffer from TOO MANY tools.

I don't know about your eyes but mine just can't read tiny stamped in wrench and socket sizes especially when it's a pile of metric and standard together.

I finally got so sick of spending more time finding the tool than doing the job I need it for I started labeling everything as I used it and segregating my tools.

Other than the 13mm-1/2" that swings both ways, metric and standard have no place together in my shop.

This one little thing has made a dramatic positive change in productivity.

Not only do we not need to put glasses on to find a tool, if it's blue it's metric and we can read it 5' away.

Just a tip for those of you with eyes like mine ;-}
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