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Talking Re: Attention new members!

Originally Posted by KCvale View Post
(smiles at Jerry) but it does bring up another important newbie point, where the heck are you here?

Most every forum web site has a 'You are HERE' map at the top like this.

The text is all clickable links to that area.

Clicking the 'Motorized Bicycle - Engine Kit Forum' will list All the Main Forums.
Clicking a Main Forum like 'Motorized Bicycle Welcome Forum' you see all the Sub-Forums, 2 in this case.
Clicking a Sub-Forum will show you all the Topics in that Sub Forum, hence this 'Attention new members' Topic, clicking it here will simply put you back to the first post here in the Topic you are in.
That is genius.... I'm off too see the wizard.....!

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