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Talking Re: Any Welders For Hire in L.A.? It's Almost Time.

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Put those seat stays in. If you are planning to be going 50 MPH, you will need all the help you can get.

Yeah, you only weigh 190. That's 190 lbs butt force down on the seat. Which is transferred to the the rear wheel by the chain stays. The rear wheel is putting the same 190 lbs into the rack stays. But the rack stays do not go back to the seat, they torque up the rack and the weld from the rack to the seat tube. You are putting a really bad moment on the welds.

Now think about all this happening at 50 MPH when you run over 4 inch pot holes like you built the bike for in the first place.

Put in seat stays. The life you save may be your own.
LOL Yep you're right. You mean install conventional seat stays? I have seat stays already. They just take the scenic route to the seat tube is all. First the rear gussets are going on. No motor will be installed for a few months until I evaluate this frames geometry motorless first.
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