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Default Re: ignorant drivers thread !!!!

I was out a couple of days ago in the car.. On a single lane road at a red light I stop where I'm supposed to be, and a car pulls up beside me on my left. Because of where I am, the lane on the other side of the intersection is lined up with me, so I figure the car to my left is going to turn left.

Nope, guess again. The light turns, they stomp the gas and pass me going through the intersection and cut in in front of me, barely missing the person who is planning to turn left from the oncoming direction. With a "New driver" marker on the back of the car. *shakes head* So glad the person accompanying the new driver is coaching them on the correct way to drive.

(In BC, a driver with a learner's permit must display a red "L" on the back of the car while driving, and a newly licensed driver must display a green "N" and be accompanied by a sober licensed driver, restricted to certain hours of the day, etc.)


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