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Default Re: How many engines

Between 400 and 500 miles on my BGF 66cc before the wrist pin bearing blew. I knew it had to be replaced but I could not get the wrist pin out, so let it ride. I had upgraded pretty much everything except that, which should have been the first thing since they are known to go.

But I rode it at full throttle whenever possible. Break in was taking it easy for about a mile... LOL.

I then moved on to electrics which have been nothing but pure joy. And while I do have a real motorcycle, I am sure that one day I will build another gas bicycle since it is a feeling that cannot be reproduced otherwise. If I went with another China Girl, it would be a balanced Dax. But more likely a 4 stroke, either the 79/99cc Preddy or one of the multispeed Lifans on a stretch.
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