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Default help motor dying

I have been building these bikes or a little while now as a hobby, so i know a little about them. I blew a base gasket the other day and can feel the air coming out of it on of my bikes. It still runs tho, but i will be riding and full throttle then it will just sutter losing power then die. I pedal it for a few seconds pop the clutch and "WHAM O" shes up and running agian. So I started riding one of my other 4 bikes today, and it to now is doing about the same thing but agian this is only at full throttle! I compleatly cleaned the carb and put in a new plug, and cannot feel ANYYY leakage at the base nor head gasket as i can with the other bike! There is a small exhaust leak at the head that i can feel hot air coming out of but i dont think this could be the issue do you? It is as almost the bike is getting loaded up "flooded" with fuel for a second or something and then agter a few second it to will start agian! I am new to this site so if you could pm me or if ANY WAY POSSIBLE call me that would be amazingggg!!! I can use all of the help i can get at this point PLEASEEEEEE motor bike GURU ahaha!!
Thanks, Tyler in FLORIDA!!!

Well now she wont even start really ive pulled the carb off and i am getting fuel and checked my spark and have plenty and ideas??? pleaseeee help ahah!!!

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